Dickwella is a famous coastal town situated closer to Matara (22km). The location is famous for its clean and untapped beaches, reefs, sand barriers and seafood. It is identified as another safer swimming location.

2km from Dickwella town is present the Wewurukannala Vihara, where you can see the tallest seated Buddha statue in Sri Lanka. This seated statue is 50m in height. Dickwella becomes livelier during Perahera seasons especially during Wesak, Poson and Esala full moons poya days (May, June and July). It is a grander for your sight with the presence of well adorned temple elephants, dancers and musicians.

You must visit the only known blowhole in Sri Lanka as well as one of the few in the world. It is located 6km east of Dikwella at a location called Kudawela. It is called as “Hummanaya” by the local folk, spectacular natural phenomenon which is a rendering of the sound that it makes just before the water shoots up into the air. What really happens here is water in a cave at sea level below the cliff is forced upwards through a fissure in the rock in high seas, especially during the southwest monsoon in June and July. After travelling several meters through the fissure to the top of the cliff, the water is then propelled into the air, sometimes to a height of 20m or more!

Actions: Visit blowhole (Hummanaya) and witness the spectacular natural phenomenon, go and see the structural and artistic talent from the seated Buddha statue, swim in the warm swim water safely, snorkel to witness coral fish, enjoy Perahera nights during May, June and July.

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